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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is one of the most visited city of Russia and is claimed to be one of the most special cities of Europe. Having a network of the rivers and canals, it is called the Northern Venice and has a peculiar atmosphere of ancient Tsar Russia exquisitely mixed with modern architecture and vibrant life of the citizens. Our tours and excursions of Saint Petersburg get you familiar with its history and culture and unveil the insights of its daily life.
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It can take forever to explore Moscow, the capital and the largest city of Russia. Our tours of Moscow will help you to become acquainted with the most amazing and peculiar spots of Moscow and its suburbs; our professional guides will tell you about history and show the real life and culture of modern Muscovites.
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Petrozavodsk is the capital city of the Karelia republic — a beautiful land, perfect for those who have a passion towards wildlife and natural untouched beauty. It is the best and the most convenient starting point for travelling around Karelia and a great place for amazing sightseeing: the embankment of the Onega Lake, different museums dedicated to the history of the place and the museum of the Sea.
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Irkutsk is a large city located in Eastern Siberia; it is mainly significant for its hydroelectric power stations. In terms of tourism, this is the starting point for all tourists going to the famous Baikal Lake on their Transsiberian routes. However, there is also much to see in Irkutsk itself, including Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Irkutsk Regional Memorial Decembrists Museum, beautiful embankment of the Angara River and the famous ethnographic complex of wooden architecture of 17-20 centuries in 40 kilometers from Irkutsk called Taltsy.
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Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan region of Russia and this is all about the muslim culture. Kazan Kremlin is special for having a Mosque instead of the Orthodox cathedral, like in most cities of Russia. This is another side of Russian life and history, which is really worth seeing.
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Velikiy Novgorod

This town, located in 190 kilometers from Saint Petersburg, is a place with UNESCO-listed sights. Its Kremlin and other museums keep the genuine pieces of ancient Russian art and reconstructed examples of wooden and stone architecture. This is a must-see for all history lovers!
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Murmansk is the largest city north of the Arctic Circle and here you can find astonishing Russian nature, fun activities like dog sledding or ice fishing and, if you are lucky, and the Northern lights above the sky. You will fall in love with the beauty of the northern nature in Murmansk region and will explore another, unusual Russia.
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Pavlovsk is located in 27 kilometres drive from the center of Saint Petersburg and attracts thousands of tourists to visit its famous park, the part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Long ago, Pavlovsk used to be a former residence of Russian Tzar family. Tourists enjoy the Summer Palace with its classical interiors and unique items of ancient crafts and the park, with its antique motifs and unusual semi-wild look. Don’t miss the squirrels on your way — they love to be fed by the visitors and willingly show themselves on the paths.
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Sochi, the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics, is the great resort for a beach holiday in summer and for the skiing activity in winter season. Sochi offers a range of luxury hotels in the skiing resorts as well as plain private houses for a budget tour. We organize sightseeing tours of Sochi for those, who want to combine sports and leisure with some educational activities so our professional guides will give you the fullest picture of this southern city.
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Pushkin is a town located 24 kilometres away from Saint Petersburg. The main spot of this place is the palace and 107 hectares park around it; this complex used to serve as a royal residence in the imperial Russia times and was named after the Empress Catherine I of Russia. Today the Catherine Palace and Park with numerous pavilions is one of the most visited museums of Saint Petersburg. The main aim of the tourists is the world-famous Amber room — the reconstruction of the chamber, made of amber panels and elements of gold. There are also some interactive excursions and workshops where you can try to work with amber and get more information of this amazing material.
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Located just in 30 minutes ride from Saint Petersburg, Peterhof attracts tourists from all over the world. This former summer residence of the imperial family is famous for its parks and palace, and, in particular, the outstanding Lower Park and the Upper Garden decorated with exquisitely designed fountains that turn this park assembly into a genuine piece of art. The Great Palace used to be the centre of the social life of the upper classes in the imperial Russia and now it serves as a museum with reconstructed halls and chambers.
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Gatchina is another famous and popular suburb of Saint Petersburg. The park and palace of Gatchina is the heritage from the Emperors’ time and from the period of the Catherine II, it remains a place with the magnificent landscape and the beautiful architectural moments. The park covers 143 hectares and consists of different gardens, planned in way to create a beautiful mix of flowers, alleys, trees and lakes. Besides the Gatchina palace, tourists visit another landmark — The Priory Palace. It is unique for its design, asymmetrical composition and Gothic Capella look.
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Some people think that Vyborg is the total contrast to any other city in Russia. If you choose to spend your holiday in Vyborg you will definitely not regret it. The architecture of the buildings is great and there are many memorials to many different nations: Swedish, Finish, Russian and German. This fact makes the culture of Vyborg even more interesting. Buildings of different time periods give the city a certain charm. Notable is the Paul and Peter Cathedral which was built in the 18th century. You cannot visit the city without going to the Vyborg castle. In here tourists cannot only be impressed by its great architecture but also they will have the chance to shoot with bow and arrow. From the main tower of the castle you will have a wonderful view over the whole city.
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This city is a part of Russian Golden Ring and is very popular among the tourists, who are interested in the architecture heritage and the history and religion of ancient Russia. Its famous cathedrals are included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Here you can spend hours walking along the narrow streets and exploring the other side of modern Russia while learning about its history.
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Nizhniy Novgorod

Nizhniy Novgorod is a city that keeps old Russian traditions and at the same time a modern place, which became a host city for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The standard itinerary of Velikiy Novgorod includes a visit to Kremlin, walking along the parks and merchant houses. Here you will find great examples of Russian wooden architecture with its carved elements, churches, different museums — from Russian history to contemporary art, street musicians, different monuments and dozens of amazing walking and car routes.
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Kaliningrad region and its capital city Kaliningrad is not a usual place: it is the exclave area, which means it has no boundaries with any Russian cities. It is located near Lithuania and Poland and used to be a part of Germany long time ago. Nowadays it is a modern city with the spirit of the medieval Europe. You can enjoy the sights of Kaliningrad like Konigsberg Cathedral, Museum of the World Ocean, Museum of Amber, Curonian Spit, or have a beach summer rest on the small resorts like Svetlogorsk, Zelenograd, Baltiysk and others.
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Samara is located on the Volga river bank and it can seem unusual to tourists because it is some kind of a mixture of the soviet period and modern times. The historical center is famous and loved for its architectural monuments in different styles from truly-Russian to gothic and industrial styles. Among the other tourists treats, you can try a boat trip along the Volga River and visit Stalin Bunker.
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When visiting Krasnoyarsk, tourist usually try to cover the main sights located in the downtown. The interesting fact is that these main sights was imprinted on the Russian 10 ruble banknote, which was widely in use several years ago. Among them are the chapel of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, Krasnoyarsk Hydroelectric Power Station located in the suburbs of Krasnoyarsk on the bank of Enisey River (the 2nd biggest hydroelectric station in Russia), Victory Memorial, Communal Bridge.
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Yaroslavl is the oldest cities located on the Volga river and it is a part of the famous Golden Ring Route. Like the other cities, included in this route, it is full of the ancient architecture objects. Special attention should be given to the Elijah the Prophet Church — its outside view and the interior design with frescoes, made by the outstanding artists of the 17th century, make it a genuine masterpiece.
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Uglich is all about history, heritage and the old times. Ancient mansions, cozy narrow streets, monasteries and churches will not leave you indifferent. The architectural landmark is the Kremlin, located in the old city and the gem of your trip can be the Hydroelectric Station of Uglich and the museum of Hydroenergy located nearby.
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Suzdal is the famous city located not far from Moscow on the popular tourist route called ‘The Golden Ring of Russia’. The main sight of Suzdal is its Kremlin that remained the genuine parts of the 10-century architecture; the reconstructed cathedrals and monastery complexes look fantastic and make it seem like you are transfered into the past centuries. Suzdal is included in the Golden Ring chain of Russian cities.
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Sergiyev Posad

Most visitors come to Sergiev Posad to see The Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, the largest man monastery of the Orthodox Church with the centuries-old history. This is usually the first stop on the Golden Ring trip and, being a popular tourist spot, Sergiev Posad offers many activities for the visitors, like traditional workshops, Russian cuisine lunches and dinners. Families with children love the Toy Museum with various examples of Russian doll art.
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Rostov the Great is a small but unique town of the Golden Ring theme-route. It is not just a town, but an open-air museum, which is worth visiting for those, who is keen on history and ancient heritage of the old Russian traditions. The main sight is the Kremlin, which is a great and rare monument of the architecture and has a world significance.
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Kostroma’s main sight is the Ipatyev monastery, which architectural complex made this city a part of the Golden Ring for being an architectural and art heritage of Russia. This small town of the Golden Ring theme route is a perfect place for those who want to explore another side of Russia and get a closer look to its history.
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